Slot Paylines and How They Work in Universal Slot Machines

Slot Paylines and How They Work in Universal Slot Machines

November 20, 2015 Off By Dan James Pantone

Understanding Paylines

In slot games paylines are perhaps the most important feature, as they are responsible for triggering a win.

Paylines are the lines upon which the required combination of symbols must line up on, across the slots games reels. A payline is an invisible line that runs over the reels and when a winning combination occurs, its often highlighted to show which configuration led to there being a successful result.

Different styles of slots have differing paylines, with some being very straightforward and others more complex. When deciding what type of game to choose, paylines often play a large role in the decision making process, as the more paylines, the greater the winning potential.

Varying Paylines Per Game

Paylines can vary in number, with the lowest any slots game having as 1 and often going as high as 100. Generally, slots especially online slots Australia have less than 10 paylines and anything over is considered to be unusual. In video slots and in many of the classic reel games paylines no longer simply run from left to right, they can also run vertically or horizontally, in a zig zag pattern or diagonally, increasing the chances of a payout. Certain slots also combine combinations, making them all the more enticing. In simple terms, paylines could be described as the line on which a payout depends upon.

The number of these lines in a slots game will also relate to the betting structure, with the number of coins accepted totalling the number of paylines.

Betting on Paylines

When playing slots games the rule of thumb is that payouts are only awarded for paylines that have been bet on, however there are some games that offer rewards and bonuses that are not dependant of symbols lining up on an enabled or active line.

Players are advised to always select a game that they are able to bet on all paylines and if this is beyond their budget, they need to look for a more feasible option, or reduce their chances of winning dramatically. If a game has 50 paylines but your bankroll only allows for bets on 20, its best to look for another game that you can maxbet on and increase your chances of a big win.

Winning with Paylines

Many slots games, especially those that feature progressive jackpots, require a player to bet on all lines in order to be eligible for the main prize. By not doing so, players could miss out on a massive jackpot win, so its essential that the payline bets are always noted to ensure you maximise your winning potential.

Whilst many slots offer adjustable paylines there are some that feature fixed paylines that don’t allow for a player to change their bets. These fixed payline games often do away with the traditional structure and make use of the Ways to Win format that’s becoming increasingly popular with slots players across the globe. This format increases a players winning potential as wins can line up in any way across the reels and are not dependant on a payline being bet on manually, as all lines are automatically active in every spin.