How to Play Keno – Tips and Guidelines that Actually Work

How to Play Keno – Tips and Guidelines that Actually Work

November 20, 2015 Off By Dan James Pantone

Introduction to the Game of Keno

Keno is a very old lottery style gambling game where money is won based on the outcome of randomly drawn numbers and if they match a selection of numbers chosen by a player. There is little skill required to play as the outcome is based purely on chance but knowing how to play Keno does help for a smoother game.

The Origins of Keno

There is a very long and rich history associated with Keno which dates back to over 3000 years. The game of keno is said to have originated during the Han Dynasty where the ruler, Cheung Leung is believed to have been the one to create the game in order to raise funds for the war as the taxes had been depleted. It is also believed Keno was used to raise money to aid in the construction of the Great Wall of China.

The rules on how to play Keno were much the same as they are today but the major difference was that the game was played with one hundred and twenty Chinese characters as opposed to the eighty numbers that are now played in Keno. As Chinese sailors sailed west, so did the game, and when it first appeared on the shores of America is when the Chinese characters were replaced with numbers as no one could read the characters. At the time America had outlawed lotteries and as the game was viewed as a lottery type of game, Keno was being played under the guise of a racing type of game since gambling was legally allowed.

Ways to Play Keno

There are a number of different ways to play Keno. These include playing live, playing Keno on a video via a machine or playing online. Regardless of the way in which to play, the rules on how to play Keno are the same with slight variations on maybe the amount of numbers allowed to be selected. These differences are set according to the requirements of the specific online casino. Live Keno draws usually take place every few minutes, this is also largely dependent on the specific venue or online casino site. Playing online casino NZ games is however played at the players own pace as the games are available to not be played in a community style environment.

The Rules to Playing Keno

Knowing how to play Keno is quite simple as the game basically consists of selecting up to twenty numbers on a board which has eighty randomly positioned numbers. Once all the numbers are selected a random number generator draws up to twenty numbers and as they are revealed any matching numbers are highlighted or change colour. If any matching numbers are found on the board, the pay out amount will be tallied according to the value of the numbers and how many of the numbers were matched. The pay out details are important in knowing how to play Keno and all the relevant information is found on the pay table. After a draw has taken place the same numbers or a new selection can be played by using the play or clear functions.