What are wagering requirements?

What are wagering requirements?

December 11, 2015 Off By Dan James Pantone

The Meaning of Wagering Requirements

For anyone wandering what are wagering requirements? They can find them in the fine print of the terms and conditions of any online casino bonus that requires a deposit. Wagering requirements basically mean that a certain amount must be wagered in order to withdraw the bonus, the deposit made for the bonus or any winnings that were won by using the bonus until the wagering requirement is complete.

The Importance of Wagering Requirements

Online casinos are plentiful and all come with special bonuses and promotions to entice players to join up. The online casinos are however businesses and need to ensure they make money which in turn will allow for bigger jackpot prizes to be won by players. The online casinos cannot hand out free money bonuses without terms and conditions as this will allow players to cash in bonuses and never play any games. This is why anyone wandering what are wagering requirements? Will find out that they are there to protect the casinos.

There is so much competition in the online casino nz industry that the online casinos offer bonuses at ever increasing and rewarding rates which is why players can benefit from the bonuses offered however there will always be terms and conditions attached to the bonuses. The more reputable online casinos will ensure the wagering requirements are fair and fruitful for both the casino and the player.

How the Wagering Requirements Work

It is important to know what are wagering requirements? and how they work in order to get the most out of the bonuses. Wagering requirements are not limited to any specific type of bonus like the welcome bonuses, they can come with all types of re deposit bonuses that can be claimed at any time or even certain cash prizes. The terms and conditions attached to all bonuses may relate to minimum and maximum limits for match deposits, restrictions on which casino games can be played, the types of wager options and different ways that winnings can be withdrawn. What are wagering requirements? They are one of the biggest restrictions found in the terms and conditions of bonuses.

An example of what are wagering requirements? and how they work is a casino offering a match deposit bonus as a welcome gift to joining up at the site. The match deposit may be 100% but only on a deposit of up to a denomination of a certain amount. The terms and conditions may reveal a wagering requirement where the percentage is paid over a period of a month according to the activity of the player which in turn requires more deposits to be made. Another wagering requirement will require the player to wager the bonus amount up to twenty times in order to make any withdrawals. In some instances casinos will require both the bonus amount and the initial deposit to be wagered up to twenty times in order to withdraw any money relating to the bonus.

It is incredibly important to read through the terms and conditions and know the wagering requirements as each online casino has their own set of rules. Some may have unreasonable restrictions while others may be worthwhile.