Top eSports Betting Tips

Top eSports Betting Tips

November 26, 2020 Off By Dan James Pantone

Bettors – whether interested in betting on eSports or on traditional sports – mostly bet for two reasons. They are to have fun and to show a profit, i.e. to win money. And even though eSports is great fun even money has been lost in the process, most people would agree that they prefer winning money over losing money as a general rule.

And so, since we’re all in agreement that winning is almost always preferred over losing, we’ve compiled a handy list of eSports betting tips to get newcomers off to a positive start.

Consider Playing The Game

While it’s definitely true that no all of us are equally good at gaming, or as a matter of fact even equally interested in gaming, most people who have a desire to bet on eSports are bound to have at least some interest in the games typically played in eSports tournaments.

Since winning at eSports betting requires an understanding of how the game(s) works, it’s advisable to play the games before actually wagering money on them. The bettor up-close and familiar with a specific game will be able to make more accurate deductions regarding the level of expertise of a specific team or team member that the bettor unfamiliar with the inner workings of that game.

Follow A Betting Budget

Betting (on anything!) should never even be considered without a monthly betting budget being first put into place.

The ideal betting budget won’t interfere with the bettor’s day-to-day spending needs and requirements. The money set aside for betting on eSports should be 100% disposable income. What this means is that the money set aside for betting on eSports should be “extra” money – not money actually intended for food, gas, car maintenance, education, credit card bills, etc.

Have A Plan And A Goal

In this particular instance, we’re referring to a betting plan, or betting strategy or system. And it’s something that directly ties in with following a betting budget. A strategy that continuously causes the follower to overspend isn’t all that good of a strategy, after all.

But a betting system is at the same time also about more than merely sticking to the limits of a monthly budget for money management purposes. Having a proper plan in place will not only allow you make intelligent and informed bets by taking into account historical performance as well as future expectations, but it will also ensure a staying up to date with ongoing changes and developments – which is something that can potentially either make or break any old bet.

Choose A Reputable Bookie

When betting on eSports, it is important to do so at a reputable online bookmaker. This will not only prevent someone from running off with your money without actually placing your cash on an event or outcome, but it will also guarantee the best possible bang for your buck.

Also to be kept in mind is that different bookmakers offer bets on different eSports games such as This is why it’s important to shop around for the right bookie for you personally.