Super Bowl 50 – Everything You need to Know

Super Bowl 50 – Everything You need to Know

November 12, 2015 Off By Dan James Pantone

Introduction to Super Bowl 50                                                                

Super Bowl 50 marks the fiftieth anniversary of American football’s Super Bowl championship game. The fiftieth NFL championship game is scheduled for the 7th of February 2016 and will be played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. This stadium is home to the San Francisco 49ers and Super Bowl 50 will be the first game played in the San Francisco Bay area since Super Bowl XIX in 1985.

The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell stated back in 2012 that plans were for the National Football League to make sure the fiftieth Super Bowl is a spectacular event as it is a very important game for the National Football League.

Broadcasting of Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl Sunday is seen largely by fans as a national holiday and is said to be the second highest food consumption day behind Thanksgiving. Super Bowl Sunday is a broadcast that has one of the highest viewer rates in the United States.

The broadcasting rights to Super Bowl 50 in the United States are held by CBS. CBS have set the rate for thirty second advertisements to $5 million in commemoration of the fiftieth Super Bowl. Westwood One radio station broadcasts the championship throughout the country while the local flagship stations for each team will broadcast regionally.

The Golden Super Bowl’s Arabic Numerals

Super Bowl 50 has been labelled as the Golden Super Bowl due its scheduled location in the Golden State which is what the State of California is referred to as and also for the fact that fiftieth anniversaries are known as golden anniversaries.

The National Football League’s tradition of using roman numerals to label each Super Bowl has been done away with and instead the Arabic numeral, 50, is used to mark emphasis on it being the fiftieth edition. Using the Roman numeral, L, proved to be difficult in designing a suitable logo so the decision was made to have the numbers five and zero in large gold print and each of the numbers placed on either side of the Vince Lombardi trophy.

The Promoting of Super Bowl 50

During the 2015 NFL season various initiatives and promotions were used to tie in the fiftieth edition and emphasis on the colour gold was the main theme used. The numbers on the fifty yard line were painted gold and various properties owned by the National Football League and the playing fields saw gold tinted logos painted on them. By week seven all side line jackets and hats featured golden trimmed logos of Super Bowl 50.

Events Held in Super Bowl Week

Super Bowl Week kicks off on the 30th of January where a weeklong series of events will be held all around the San Francisco Bay area. The series of public events will include the NFL Experience and the opening of the Super Bowl City fan village, which caters for all ages and offers a host of fun activities that celebrate American football.

Just like online pokies NZ games, Over one million fans of the Super Bowl 50 are expected to attend and the San Francisco Bay area will be highlighting and showcasing the culinary delights, cultural diversities and arts and technologies along with various other festivities.