Oonga Boonga Slot Guide & Review For Players Online

Oonga Boonga Slot Guide & Review For Players Online

April 30, 2019 Off By Dan James Pantone

Oonga Boonga, a slot title from BlueGem software, is a tongue-in-cheek take on a tribal medicine man leading the player to wealth through his magic. It avoids outright political incorrectness by not really nailing it down to a specific culture; while the stone-carved game symbols have a touch of Australia and a taste of Central America to them, the monkey-masked shaman himself, in his jungle village, looks somewhat African. The game has 25 fixed paylines, although bets per line can be adjusted from 0.01 to 1.00 in the local currency.

As always with BlueGem slot titles, the game is put together with a detailed 3D background and game symbols, so it is never dull visually. Eschewing traditional reels, the Oonga Boonga slot symbols arrive in stacks of stone blocks that are dropped rather than spun.

Cascading reels are also a feature; after any winning spin, all the symbols involved in wins implode, and new blocks drop in to take their place. In effect, this gives the player a free re-spin every time they win, as the cascade continues until a drop ends with no winning paylines.

A Variety of Odd Symbols                                                                            

There are no Poker symbols used in the Oonga Boonga slot; instead, a variety of stylised birds, animals, humans and gods, carved on stone blocks, are used to make prize-winning combinations. In base play, prizes range from 7X the line bet for three of a kind of the lowest-value icon, to 400X the line bet for five matches in the highest-value icon, which resembles a sort of flying chicken.

The Wild icon is a simple question mark, also carved in stone, and as usual in slots, it can stand in for any other ordinary symbols to make more winning lines.

Free Drop Bonus Triggered by Scatter

The Oonga Boonga slot Scatter icon stands out from the reddish, greenish, bluish and yellowish stones that make up the ordinary symbols, as it is a finely wrought gold mask. Three or more Scatters trigger at least 10 Bonus Drops, the Oonga Boonga equivalent to free spins.

The Bonus Drops take place on a new screen, in a cave under the medicine man’s village, which is strewn with gold and jewels. The winning combinations of ordinary symbols are worth more during Bonus Drop rounds, and there is another icon added: a geometric spiral with a top prize of 2,500X the line bet making this one of the most exciting online pokies Australia offers these days.

Multipliers Increase with Repeated Cascades

At the top of the Oonga Boonga screen, the slot shows a list of multipliers, from X1 to X5. In base play, every winning drop will move the multiplier up one level, and the new multiplier will apply to the win on the next drop. If the multiplier reaches the top level, X5, it stays there as long as winning drops continue in the cascade. A drop that does not result in a win will reset the multiplier to X1.

In the Oonga Boonga slot Bonus Drop rounds, the multiplier indicator switches to the bottom of the screen, and ranges from X3 to X15. Combined with the enhanced prizes in bonus rounds, and the continuation of the cascade feature, these multipliers can make Bonus Drop rounds very lucrative.