Online and Mobile Bingo is Booming

Online and Mobile Bingo is Booming

December 4, 2015 Off By Dan James Pantone

Bingo, almost 500 years old, has for years been popular in the UK and the USA. Since 1996, when online Bingo first appeared, it has been available to enthusiasts around the world, and with mobile Bingo sites now easily accessible, the game’s reach continues to expand. Playing via the Internet allows fans to use the auto-daub feature, so their cards are marked and their wins registered automatically; thus they can more easily keep track of multiple cards.

Online and mobile Bingo sites also encourage player chat via direct message boards, which creates a highly social “players versus the house” vibe. Players also get access to Bingo networks, in which several smaller sites will pool their players and offer the same prizes to all, creating larger prizes than a single site could offer on its own.

Best of all, from a player’s perspective, is the fact that the online Bingo hall Sweden industry is worth several billion dollars a year and is therefore highly competitive. This means that sites are always trying to attract new players and retain existing ones, which in turn translates into more Bingo bonus offers.

Bingo Bonus: an Incentive to Play

A Bingo bonus is an incentive offered by online and mobile Bingo sites to encourage more game play. The site will credit a certain sum to the player’s account, allowing them to buy cards to that amount and keep any winnings.

There are two basic types: the free Bingo bonus, and a matching Bingo bonus. A free Bingo bonus is usually offered as a reward for registering on the site; players will be given an amount with which they can start betting. The matching Bingo bonus, available to new members and regular players alike, involves the casino matching some of, all of, or even more than the player’s initial deposit.

Either way, players start off with extra betting money. Both types of Bingo bonus are promotional offers, of course, so they will come with terms and conditions. Players may have to make a specified minimum deposit, for example, before they can receive any prizes won on bonus play. It is therefore very important for players to read and understand the terms and conditions properly before committing themselves to any Bingo bonus offers.

Plenty of Bingo Options to Choose from

Online and mobile Bingo offers players a wide variety of choices. The total pool of numbers in play varies; with players seeking matches from 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball or even 90-ball pools. Cards come in different configurations, with grids of 3 X 3, 4 X 4 and 5 X 5, and there is an endless selection of patterns that need to be matched to win.

Whatever the variation, however, the basics remain the same: players buy Bingo cards featuring a range of pre-set numbers, and numbers are drawn at random from a designated pool. The player has to match winning numbers on their cards, and complete a predetermined pattern (or one of several possible patterns) to win. The simple rules, social atmosphere, and the chance of pleasant windfalls for modest stakes are the game’s main attractions.