Most Popular NFL Bets Reviewed

Most Popular NFL Bets Reviewed

November 26, 2020 Off By Dan James Pantone

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the world’s most popular sporting leagues, so much so that it has become a firm favourite to place bets on. Placing bets can often be quite overwhelming, as there is so much to take into consideration. However, this need not be the case as there are plenty of popular NFL bets to make the overall sports betting experience a lot more fun and exciting than you may have initially thought.

Below, we have detailed some of the most popular NFL bets amongst beginners and seasoned bettors alike. Use this guide when considering what kinds of bets to place on your favourite or underdog NFL teams.


Understanding and betting the moneyline odds when it comes to an NFL match is perhaps the simplest of all bets. All you need to do in this regard is choose the team you think will win. If you choose correctly, you will be paid the due amount. Moneyline bets have no point spread, and placing a bet is very simple.

However, trying to understand how exactly it pays out can be a bit tricky as each side of the moneyline wager pays differently. With this kind of bet, the favourite to win will be listed with a – (minus) sign, while the underdog will be listed with a + (plus) sign. The underdog will pay out more than the favourite, should that team win.


A NFL parlay is a bet in which two or more sides are chosen, and every single one must be chosen correctly in order for the parlay to result in a win. Football parlays are incredibly popular, as some players prefer to parlay teams that have a tendency to score low with the under, and parlay higher-scoring teams with the over to try and make a little bit of extra money on their bet.

On the other hand, some players prefer to place bigger parlays of 10 or 12 teams. They then bet small amounts in the hopes that one of them will turn out to be a bit of a lottery ticket with massive winnings.


Also known as props, this kind of NFL bet is also incredibly popular. Props allow for players to bet on different team and player statistics. They also allow for bets on specific events in the game. Some of the most common proposition bets include which team or player will score first, whether or not a team’s first possession of the ball will result in a touchdown or whether it will be a field goal, to name a few.

If you can think of any potential actions in football, you can probably bet a proposition on it. However, this does require you to have a fair bit of knowledge about both teams in the game, as well as their players and who is most likely to score.

While propositions, parlays and moneylines are some of the most popular NFL bets amongst players, there are also plenty more kinds of bets to consider.