A Guide To The Midnight Rush Slot Game For Beginners

A Guide To The Midnight Rush Slot Game For Beginners

April 30, 2019 Off By Dan James Pantone

Midnight Rush, a slot title from BlueGem software, takes as its theme all the ghouls, ghosts and other creatures of the night to be seen around Halloween. In keeping with the light-hearted atmosphere in most BlueGem titles, however, this is quite a tongue-in-cheek take on the subject.

As usual, the game background and the icons on the reels are designed with beautiful detail, which puts the title even further into the fun-rather-than-scary category. With over-the-top sound effects that include screams, moans, howling winds, funereal bells and a werewolf baying at the full moon, and big wins celebrated by a flying storm of bats, the feel is more horror fun than horror scary.

Graveyard Scenario and Appropriate Symbols                                   

Midnight Rush plays on the usual 5X3 BlueGem slots set-up, offering a total of 9 paylines. The background is a creepy, mist-shrouded graveyard, with a full moon barely visible through the fog. The low-value Poker symbols 10 to A, with a top prize of 150X the line bet for five As on one payline, are carved into gravestones.

Apart from the Poker icons, the title also features more character symbols than several other BlueGem games. There are four characters, in increasing order of value: a mummy escaping his coffin, a skeletal armed zombie, a muscular werewolf and a grinning vampire.

The vampire is worth the most, scoring 800X the line bet for five of a kind. All symbols win prizes if they come up in unbroken sequences of three or more on one payline, starting on Reel 1.

Click Me Bonus Game

One thing that is now a standard BlueGem extra, is the Click Me bonus feature. This is triggered by the Click Me Scatter; a big yellow full moon. Three or more Scatters trigger the bonus, which takes players to a new screen.

There, they have to choose from a selection of graves, winning extra cash or multipliers every time they pick right. When they hit a selection that instead responds with Collect, the Click Me round is over and the total bonus is tallied and collected. You’ll have a blast playing pokies online for real money with this game for sure!

A Wild of Bones and Candles

The Midnight Rush slot’s Wild symbol continues the devotion to the ghoulish theme. It’s the word Wild, fashioned from human bones and creepy dribbling candles. It performs the standard Wild function of standing in for other ordinary symbols to complete more line wins, but it only appears on Reels 1, 3 or 5.

However, the Wilds can appear stacked, filling two or all three of the windows on a reel, so it is possible for it to create different-value combinations with a variety of symbols on several paylines at once.

Multipliers Instead of Free Spins

Unusually, Midnight Rush does not have the free spins rounds found in most slots. Instead, a list of multipliers; namely 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X and 6X; hang above the reels, with a flashing light running through them.

The light will stop at random before a spin, which decides the multiplier that will then be applied to any wins that the spin yields.