Finding The Best Sports Betting Odds

Finding The Best Sports Betting Odds

November 26, 2020 Off By Dan James Pantone

For many beginner bettors, it’s often quick nerve-wracking watching more seasoned players take out bets that would otherwise seem impossible to win, and then walking away with their pockets lined with their recent winnings. The idea behind this experience is that many bettors have spent years learning which kind of odds are best for putting money down on, as well as which are best avoided as much as possible.

Learning how to spot good odds doesn’t have to be too much of a chore, and with enough practise and experience, it’s possible to intuitively pick out which odds look more promising than others. Keep in mind, however, that no odds are set in stone, and bookies may change them as they see fit, depending on how the match or event is going, so it’s important to never put too much into a single bet at once.

Choosing The Underdogs

When we’re talking about sports betting, the underdogs – which are usually comprised of a team of players or single individual – are usually the side that that have the lower odds, which means less chance of winning a match. The underdogs are generally not the first choice for most bettors, as the chances of them winning are much lower, and it means taking a much higher risk.

This risk, however, can eventually pay out in the best way possible if the underdogs somehow manage to win their game, and while it may not be as common as the other team, the amount that can be paid out usually makes it worth looking into. Much of the inherent risk can be mitigated if the bettor takes the time to do their research, finding out how the team has done in the past, and whether there are any value bets available.

Choosing a Bookie

This is another big choice that a bettor needs to make, and it can make a big difference in both what kinds of odds are available, as well as how much they can potentially earn. Bookies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes across the world, and not all of them are quite up to snuff when it comes to the latest odds. It’s generally good practice to keep track of a number of different bookies at once, and to make sure that a particular one isn’t trying their best to try and score extra money off of their bettors by increasing the buy in rates of their odds.

Here, as always, research is absolutely key to making sure that the right bookie has been chosen for the right events.

Aim For Draw Events

It’s a good idea to try and target events where there’s a relatively high chance of the game ending in a tie or draw. These are usually the events with the best odds, as there is no real underdog involved, and both teams are considered equal in the eyes of the bookies. This also makes for much better overall odds, and the bookies will generally not put quite as much effort into building more accurate numbers.