Caribbean Stud High Limit Poker Guide for Players Online

Caribbean Stud High Limit Poker Guide for Players Online

April 29, 2019 Off By Dan James Pantone

Caribbean Stud High Limit is a variant of the popular card game Poker. Caribbean stud itself was brought out by casinos as a way of attracting players to poker tables with a game that was both faster and more exciting than regular poker.

The main differences in Caribbean Stud High Limit and regular poker are that there are no deceptions, as you are not allowed to talk about or give any information on your hand at all.

The second difference is that you play only against the dealer, and not any other players. The high limit part comes into it whereby certain casinos both brick and mortar as well as online offer the game with exceptionally high limits. This means that the winnings are much higher, but so are the losses. This is a game recommended only for very advanced players.

Where to find Play The Game

Should you wish to enter into a game of Caribbean Stud High Limit, there are two options. The first is a brick and mortar casino, but not just any old casino. You will have to choose one with a high limits room, or possibly a dedicated poker room.

These are usually the fancier casinos that have a number of other amenities such as five star restaurants. Should you not have a casino like this in your area, the next best bet is to go online. Most of the big online casino software developers have high limit casinos or high limit portions of their casinos.

The limit will change from developer to developer, as will the restrictions as to eligible countries or regions. It is recommended that you ensure that your region is not prohibited from playing Caribbean Stud High Limit in your chosen online casino.

Understanding The Rules

The rules of Caribbean Stud High Limit are the same as the rules of the regular version of Caribbean Stud, just with much higher minimum betting limits. Again beware; this is a game for experienced players.

To start your game, place a bet on the box marked Ante. At this point you may also activate the Caribbean Stud High Limit progressive jackpot by paying the required amount. After all the players have placed their bets, each player will be dealt five cards face down.

The dealer also deals himself five cards, but only four are face down and on is face up. Players then look at their cards and compare them to the dealers on face up card. Here the decision is made whether to carry on with the game or not.

Caribbean Stud High Limit is similar to five card poker, so your aim here is to create a winning hand that will beat the dealers. Should you feel that you will not achieve this, you will at this point Fold, and bow out of the game. If you fold you lose your Ante bet and your Progressive bet if you placed one. Risk averse players are better off trying their hand at some of the blackjack or online bingo NZ has to offer on sites like

Should you not fold, you are required to place twice the amount of your Ante bet down again. Once all players have either folded or raised, the dealer reveals his hand. He has to have a King or an Ace to qualify and play his hand against the players. Should he qualify and your hand beat his, you win. Should his hand not qualify you will win even money on your Ante bet, and double on your secondary bet.