Blackjack Made Simple with An Exclusive Guide

Blackjack Made Simple with An Exclusive Guide

June 30, 2015 Off By Dan James Pantone

Blackjack has been popular for centuries, and is thought to have developed from a French game called Ving-et-Un that was popular with the aristocracy in the 1700s. Today it is enjoyed in online and offline casinos in Australia and the rest of the world. One of the things that makes it so alluring is it combination of tactics and chance – it’s the perfect game for adventurous, thinking players. And the more you play, the more your Blackjack strategy will evolve.

Simple Rules, Fascinating Play

The rules for Blackjack are simple, but they create many layers and intricacies in the game as you might have observed in blackjack New Zealand. Each player (along with the Dealer, representing the House) is dealt two cards. The objective is to get a hand total of twenty-one or as near to that as possible. The name Ving-et-Un actually means Twenty-One in French, and Blackjack often goes by this name as well.

The number cards are all assigned their face value, the Royal cards all have a value of ten and the Ace cards have a value of eleven or one. After everyone has seen their cards, players may draw more until they are happy with their hands, while the dealer must draw until their hand total is at least seventeen.

You need to place your bet on the strength of your cards before they are dealt and seen. If your hand is higher than the dealer’s but less than twenty-one you win, and if it is lower than the dealer’s you lose. If you and the dealer tie below twenty-one you may keep your bet, while the house wins if you both go over twenty-one. A Natural Blackjack occurs when your hand reaches twenty-one with and Ace and Face card. This is the hand everyone strives for, with an incredibly rewarding 3:2 payout.

Playing Blackjack with Strategy

Playing Enjoyment is Enhanced by Strategy

For many enthusiasts, the real satisfaction in playing Blackjack online comes from developing and refining strategies to win. You’ll develop your own style over time, but be very careful – deviating even slightly from your chosen Blackjack strategy can decrease your winning odds considerable.

As with every casino card game, the odds of winning in Twenty-One are stacked against players. With careful moves, however, you can reduce the house edge by quite a lot. You should base your strategy on previous hands and the visible face-up card of the dealer. Once you calculate the odds of each situation, you can decide how to bet. Several reputable online sites supply tables which will help you with this.

Another popular strategy is card counting, which can not only decrease the house edge to nearly zero, but can actually give you a slight advantage as well. It takes quite a long time to develop card counting skills, and you should take advantage of the free no-deposit games that most Australian casinos allow to practice and refine this technique before using it with real money. Over time, though, it can be very rewarding.

Evolving Skills for an Exciting Game

The more you play Blackjack online, the more its depths will be revealed to you, and the more your own skills and strategies will develop. As all these things evolve, the experience will only become richer and more rewarding.