best Africa Themed Online Slots

best Africa Themed Online Slots

December 1, 2015 Off By Dan James Pantone

The Best Africa Themed Online Slots

It certainly seems as though Africa is one of the most popular themes when it comes to online slot games. Consulting a list of the best Africa themed online slots is a good way to identify the top games in this genre.

By going onto any of the top casino sites, and making use of the search option, you should quite easily be able to find some of these games. Just type Africa into the provided search field, and the slot casino should be able to identify some good options for you. The other option of course is to find a site that lists the best Africa themed online slots games for you.

When consulting a list such as this, you will come across some of the most well known titles. These might include Super Safari, Thunderhorn, or Zanzibar. The list will not end there however. Some other slot games that have been played over and over again include King of Africa, Safari Sam, Safari Madness, and Soccer Safari.

Find Africa Themed Games

If you are new to the online slot industry, you may be wondering what makes all these games so special. Just because each of them is based around the same theme, and considered to be some of the best Africa themed online slots, does not mean that each one of them doesn’t have something unique to offer.

They might offer a different number of playing reels, or a different number of win lines. Some slot games especially real money slots Canada will have a mini games or bonus features. Others might only offer free spins. Some will have wild and scatter symbols, and others might even have progressive jackpots. These games have been classified as the best Africa themed online slots for a good reason.

Some Africa Slot Games to Try

When looking at the best Africa themed online slots, take a careful look at the Super Safari slot game. This particular slot game offers a total of 25 win lines. The main excitement in this game comes if you are able to land three identical lions on the reels.

Once this happens, you will start to benefit from some new wild combinations, but you will also receive free spins. The fun part about the free spins feature is that all wins during free spins will be subjected to a 3x win multiplier, thus greatly enhancing those prizes. Also, the entire reel will turn wild for the duration of that spin. Players can then try to get an off-road bonus.

The Zanzibar slot game is another of the best Africa themed online slots. It is the Zanzibar symbol in this game that can get you free spins. When these appear on the reels, players will be able to start claiming those free games. If you can get three of the symbols, you will be awarded 10 free spins. However, 20 free spins are available for 4 of the symbols. It should also be noted that in this game, it is even possible to win up to 40 free spins. A 2x multiplier will be applied to all wins during the free spins round of the game.