What to Look for in a Top Android Casino

What to Look for in a Top Android Casino

June 30, 2015 Off By Dan James Pantone

Mobile casino gaming is an attractive prospect for anyone who loves the thrill and suspense of games of chance. The excitement that comes with spinning pokies or Roulette wheels, cards being dealt, or dice being rolled is one of the main reasons people in their millions around the world still play these games, hundreds of years after many of them were invented.

However, in the rush of excitement, players can sometimes forget to check whether the site they’re playing at, whether for free or with real money, is reputable. If it is, players are sure to enjoy great gaming, at the very least. If the site isn’t reputable, it could lead to some unpleasant situations.

As more sites are catering for Australians with Android devices, it’s important to know what to look for in a good Android casino.

Take a Look at the Android Casino Games Available

While the range of AUD pokies, table games, card games, and speciality games available at the mobile casino isn’t the most important indicator of whether or not the site is reputable, games are undoubtedly the first thing most players look at on a site.

Reputable Android casino sites and apps are powered by reputable software developers, which mean they should offer a dazzling selection of games. Unless the site focuses on one game, such as Roulette, players ought to find the same variety that can be enjoyed in a good land-based casino .

The selection should include Poker, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Keno, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Video Poker, and others. Speciality games such as Bingo and scratch cards are also becoming more readily available.

The software developers who power the site should be mentioned by name on the home page and in the site’s About Us section. Hyperlinks to the developers’ websites are usually provided, giving players the chance to do a little more research.

One reason it’s important to check the reputation of an Android casino’s software provider is because top notch developers use certified random number generator programmes to produce game results. These programmes ensure accuracy and fair play.

Playing at Android Casino

Find Out Who Thinks the Android Casino is a Good One

Endorsement or support from a recognised gaming industry watchdog or similar authority is possibly the strongest indicator of a site’s reputation. Player reviews, which can be found in seconds with the help of Google, can also be very enlightening.

If an Android casino bears the eCOGRA or eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance stamp of approval, players can expect a top quality gambling experience. This takes into account the standard and accuracy of the games, the security and processing speed of the banking services, player incentive programmes, and player assistance.

Another endorsement players should look out for is by the Interactive Gaming Council. Some territories have set up governmental agencies which monitor land-based and online casinos, in some cases even licensing the web casinos.

Consider the Android Casino Playing Options

When thinking about playing at a specific Android casinos, players should check what the playing options are. A good site should give players the choice of downloading an app for their device, or of playing no download games in their device browsers.

Players should also have the option of playing with real money or for free, whether the latter be no deposit bonuses or trial version games.

Enjoy Android Casino Fun and Games Today

Use these tips to help find the best Android casino site for you, and start enjoying hassle-free gaming now!