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Pachacámac, Peru


Mummy's Skull in Pachacamac, Peru
Photograph of a mummy's skull taken at the Inca and pre-Inca archaeological site located at Pachacámac, Peru, located just to the south of the District of Chorrillos in the Lima metropolitan area.  Similar to the pots and textiles in the previous photo of a grave robber and his three sons, this skull of a Peruvian mummy was illegally dug up from graves at Pachacámac before it was fenced off and protected by the Peruvian Government's INC ("Instituto Nacional de Cultura" - National Institute of Culture).  Sadly, virtually all the archaeological significance of an artifact such as this mummy skull is lost when removed by tomb raiders seeking "trophies" such as this.  None of the scientific data associated with this illegal archaeological dig will ever be recorded and its significance will be lost forever.  This individual could have been an important Inca princess or noble, but we will never know due to the informal manner in which it was collected.     

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