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Grave Robbers


Pachacámac Peru | Grave Robbers
Photograph of a father and his three sons who were grave robbers of the Inca ruins of Pachacámac which is located near Lima, the capital of Peru.  In 1965, freelance photographer Chuck Clark was staying at the elegant Crillon Hotel in downtown Lima and noted that there was a huge collection of Incan and pre-Incan archaeological artifacts present in the lobby of the hotel.  Clark asked the hotel manager where all the pots were found and he told Clark that they found them just "lying around" at the Pachacámac ruins which is located just a short distance to the south of Lima on the road to Paracas and Nazca.  When Clark arrived in Pachacámac, he found dozens of skeletons and partial skeletons just lying on the ground. In addition, Clark encountered a family (a Peruvian father and his three sons) with recently excavated pots and Clark asked them where they found the artifacts. They told Clark that they had just dug them up from the ground and were going to sell them to collectors in Lima. The family of grave robbers acted as if this was normal and showed no remorse or guilt.  Presently,  Pachacámac is protected from "tomb raiders" such as those that Clark encountered by the Peruvian INC ("Instituto Nacional de Cultura" - National Institute of Culture).  However to this day, one can still encounter fragments of human bones scattered about this important Inca and pre-Inca archaeological site.   

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