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Doorway with Hinges


Doorway with Hinges at Machu Picchu
of Photograph of a doorway with hinges carved into the stone at the ruins of Machu Picchu.  These two "door hinges" are actually thought by some archaeologists to be "tying posts" where the end of a rope would be tied to each of them and then hang across the doorway.  Therefore instead of actual closing with a physical door, the Incas would "close" the door by hanging a rope across the doorways by tying the rope to these hinges which are carved into the stone.   In addition to carved door hinges such as these, in Machu Picchu you can find several other different types of doorway structures. Some have double doorjambs, while other doors have structures that seem to serve as simple hinges.  Equally impressive to the finely carved stonework is the reality that Machu Picchu is located near an active fault line in a seismically active region and the survival of these structures after 650 years subsequent to their construction is a testament to their engineering genius. Aside from being skilled engineers, the Incas were also appreciative of aesthetics and some of these doorways artistically frame spectacular views of the nearby mountains.   

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