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Industrial Sector


Machu Picchu - Industrial Sector
Picture of the so called "Industrial Sector" (factory houses) of the Machu Picchu Inca ruins in Peru.  It is hypothesized that buildings that are located below the Main Plaza were used by workers to make weavings and pottery.  For example, some mortars were found in this area and some archaeologists believe these mortars were used to grind plants to make dyes used during the manufacture of weavings and pottery in this industrial sector of Machu Picchu.  However, other scientists believe that these so called mortars were in reality "seats" for holding pointed base jars that contained "chicha" (a fermented drink).  Others have suggested that the mortars were made to be water basins which served as mirrors for making astronomical observations of the moon.  Like any archaeological ruins, the true purpose of many artifacts is obscure and was lost with departure of original habitants of the site.   

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