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Catholic Church on Inca Ruin
of a Catholic Church that was built right on top of an ancient Inca Ruin in the village of Chinchero near Cusco in Peru.  The Catholic church dates back to 1572, when the Viceroy Toledo started the "Doctrine of Our Lady of Monserrat of Chinchero" and subsequently started the construction of the Catholic Church.  The church was finished in 1607, and that is the date that can be found in the main arch inside of the church. In the 1960s, shortly before this photograph was taken, it was discovered that the church was built on top of an important Inca palace. The Inca palace is thought to have been very important because its location on top of a hill facing other ancient Inca ruins and various shrines.  Two of these shrines ("wakas" in Quechua) are carved out of natural limestone formations and are called "Chinkana" and "Titiqaqa." Another shrine to the west is called "Pumaqaqa" which is a rock sculptures of two pumas.  To the west of the church one can explore these shrines and various ancient inca farming terraces.  Currently, there is a small museum near the Church in which there are some interesting and very large Inca pottery pieces.    

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