Inca Trails to Machu PicchuMan Carrying Boards

and Barefoot Quechua Girl


Man carrying boards and barefoot girl
of an old man carrying boards and a young barefoot Quechua girl.  Typically indigenous people from the Andes wear sandals with soles made out of old tires although they were traditionally made out of leather before the availability of rubber.  "Ajota" is the Quechua word for sandals made out of recycled tires.  "Ajotas" are a preferred footwear because they are very handy and better than leather under wet conditions such as in rain and crossing rivers.  Foreign visitors, when observing these indigenous people of the Andes wearing these sandals, might believe that Western-style shoes and socks would be better, but the Quechua people from the Andes are very contented with their "ajotas" and their feet are use to the cold weather.  The young girl in the foreground is barefoot, which was more common in the 1960s, but is rarely seen in modern times.  Barefoot is called "q'ara chaki" in the Quechua language.      

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