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Chinchero - Peru


Quechua Woman in Chincero, Peru
of a Quechua woman nursing her baby in the village of Chinchero in Peru.  This native woman is wearing a "lliclla" which is a woven cloth and in this case is decorated with red and black designs typical of the region.  A large brooch near the neck is used to hold the "lliclla" in place.  The "lliclla" is also commonly used as a baby carrier with the infant on the mother's back.  Water is often a scarce commodity for indigenous people living in the Andes Mountains of Peru and this woman is washing her clothes using the runoff from a ditch.  Although the photo of this Quechua woman was taken in 1965, you can still observe woman washing their clothes in exactly the same manner in Chinchero.  This town is somewhat unique in that it is only a short distance from Cusco on the highway to the Sacred Valley.  Chinchero is located at a slightly higher elevation (3780 meters or 12400 feet) than Cusco (3360 meters or 10930 feet).  If you suffer from high altitude sickness ("soroche" in Quechua), it will be slightly worse in the village of Chinchero as compared to the city of Cusco which is slightly lower in elevation.      

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