Inca Trails to Machu PicchuQuechua Weaver

Chinchero, Peru


Devotion of girl to her llama
Photograph of a Quechua Woman who was a weaver living in the village of Chinchero, Peru.  This ancient woman was dressed in the traditional style of Chinchero.  Note her unique hand woven belt ( "chumpi" in Quechua) and her braided hair, all typical of indigenous Quechua-speaking people from the Andes Mountains of Peru.  In addition, note that the vegetation was very green, indicating that this image was probably taken in the summer (December - March, in the Southern Hemisphere) when rains are more frequent than in the winter months (June - September) in which droughts are common.  It rains so much in the summer that the Inca Trail ("Camino Inca" in Spanish) is actually closed down to hikers for maintenance during the entire month of February as the trail is often flooded out, making passage impossible.     

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