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Quecha Man in Andes Mountains


Proud Inca Man
of a proud Quechua man from the Andes Mountains of Peru in South America.  Although the term "Inca," in its strict sense, refers to the royality of the ancient civilization, Chuck Clark uses the word here to describe the proud demeanor of his subject, who is anything but royality.  Clark shows his great talent as a photographer in this portrait of this proud, yet humble Quechua man.  He is dressed with a traditional poncho made out of wool that was hand-woven on a traditional loom.  His old ragged hat, stained with sweat, tells of his hard labor and struggles to survive.  The man's distinctive face and penetrating eyes, speaks of a person that is both proud and defiant.  This image was taken 45 years ago, well before the advent of automatically programmed digital cameras.  In this image, Clark uses a fast shutter speed and large aperture to give an extremely small focal range, allowing only the subject's face to be in focus.  Despite being in a shadow, Clark correctly calculated the exposure using a completely manual camera (Hasselblad), testifying to his great photographic skill.          

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