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On Bench in Cusco, Peru


Quechua Men on Bench in Cusco, Peru
Picture of two peasant Quechua-speaking men sitting on a stone bench in the Plaza de Armas in the city of Cusco (Cuzco) Peru in the mid-1960s. 
As demonstrated in the photograph, the poverty of the Quechua people living in the Andes Mountains of Peru was extreme 45 years ago with the majority of Peruvians living in poverty.  According to Peruvian Government statistics the rate of extreme poverty has been greatly diminished in recent years.  However the 2010 data shows that approximately thirty percent of the Peruvian population is still classified as poor by the government and the World Bank.  Many Quechua people are still bound to the earth, making a living by farming small parcels of land.  Water is a major limiting factor to agricultural production and when there are droughts, the people literally starve to death.  Unbelievably, the national government of Alan Garcia is currently diverting water resources from the Cuzco Region to other Regions, thereby exasperating the shortage of water and sparking protests and riots in the City of Cusco in 2010.     

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