Inca Trails to Machu PicchuAndes, Peru

Quecha People in Mountains


Andes Mountains, Peru
of a Quecha people from the Andes Mountains in Peru with children who are carrying grasses (oats, Avena sativa) which will be used to feed "cuy" (guinea pigs, Cavia porcellus).  The Quechuas are an indigenous people native to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.  Generally, the Quechuas do not refer to themselves as indígenas (Spanish for "indigenous") a term that is usually reserved for natives from the Amazon River Basin. Incredibly, there are far more Quechua speakers in the Andes Mountains in Peru (approximately 10 million) compared to the largest Amazonian tribe in Peru (e.g. approximately 40 thousand speakers of Ashaninka).  The Quechua people are also known as the Runakuna, Kichwas, and Ingas.  In Eduador, the Quechua people call themselves and their language Kichwa or Quichua. In Colombia, the Quechua-speaking people calls themselves Ingas. The Quechua speakers from Junín and Ancash in Peru call themselves Runakuna (runa means “people” in Quechua).    

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